TEL meets in the Sun – student reporting

very useful TEL meet this morning at CICS (moved into the garden to enjoy the sun).

We were looking at the type of student tracking information you can get from blackboard (MOLE) and other systems, and how we can make it easier for us to access and use.

These are all requests that have come to me

Can I tell if a student has looked at something on MOLE

If so can I tell when they last viewed it

Can I get a report of the students who aren’t logging in over a period of time

Can I easily email the students who aren’t logging in the find out why

How can I email the students who haven’t attempted my formative assessment and send them a reminder

I’ve accidentally released a grade in MOLE grade centre. Which students viewed it before it was hidden again

When should I enable “tracking” on a file I’ve put on MOLE

Ive asked the Law school to add to these ideas

We then looked at how we could pull out some of this data into something that might be more useful to a personal tutor in a simple report. Has the student complete the formative work, have they looked at any of the MCQs, if so how did they do. This information is in the system but quite hard to get to unless you know MOLE inside out.


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