CMALT – specialisation

CMALT meeting on Thursday 23rd we each had to do a 5 minute presentation on our chosen specialism for section 5 of the portfolio.

I’m  choosing open learning, MOOCs and working with the Futurelearn platform

In particular I highlighted difference between working with Furturelearn and within our own blackboard VLE.
The MOOC platform is quite simple and offers 4 basic tools in  Article (around about 500 words)
Multiple Choice Quiz – both for self test and grading


Higher production quality of material for free (BBC4 documentary standard).

Compare that with content our  students actually pay for

Issues to consider

The key learning objectives of the MOOC should be achievable  without accessing any extra materials or buying books.

We can’t reference digital material held in the university of Sheffield Library as this is only available with a University login. We can only reference any open source material freely available, or through the white rose repository.

Raises discussions about moving our academic content into an open source environment


Copyright issues – its open platform so much tighter control than blackboard

Music and Video (TV clips) have such complicated and expensive copyright issues that it’s almost impossible to use them .

Learner Background, Demographic & Location

age of learners  14  years and upwards
huge numbers of learners 20,000 plus
country of origin – play MOOC map shows pins from all over the world

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