Week 1 – Teach on-line – EMA project and another turnitin bug

Our first official week on the TOL course .

We’ve all created our own version of the Gilly Salmon 5 step model


Made and embedded an intro video, set up a G+ community

commented on 4 distance learning scenarios and attended a webinar on learner analytics and how to plan a new DL courses.

I’ve also met with the project manager for our faculty EMA project. I think he was a little taken back when i aid we still took in over 1500 printed assignments

In other news I have a lovely new Surface Pro 3 to try out, we have ordered our first batch of iPads for academic staff and have found a bug in bulk paper downloads from turnitin grademark which omits to include the students name.

Next week its the big office move and cloud storage for collaborative learning.




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