TELFEST, Norfolk &the Big Walk

So much went on this week so I’ll say it with ¬†pictures.

TELFEST came and went and I attended as many sessions as I could given that it was the week before student intro week.

The pic below? Well Tim Herrick used a metaphor for the capability of our VLE during a round-table discussion . he said it was OK but not brilliant, a bit like a holiday in Norfolk. So the picture below is actually from my recent holiday in Norfolk. I don’t think it’s too bad…Norfolk that is, the VLE is for a different discussionNorfolk

Then Thursday I walked 19.5 miles (the fitbit said 21) from Edale to Sheffield for the big walk charity event

I ended up walking with Laura from our MOOC team so there was much talk of the future of MOOCs and how our own criminology MOOC will take off

Here is our small group on the approach to Sheffield with about 6 miles to go


And finally, as they say. Introductions from the educators on our MOOC


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