iPads, Pebblepad & cafe style learning

At last, staged roll outs of iPads to staff using meraki as a management tool. Starting with our Legal Practice Course staff. It all went well till they started using facetime and syncing contacts to the iCloud (which to be honest we thought we had removed) Cue much removal of  iCloud from the devices that still had it on. Anyway 20 done, 55 to go

First full week of students using the pebblepad workbooks for EU law and the interface has caused some  confusion, not just for the students as it sometimes gives us a hard time. At least one student complete the whole thing in one sitting though!

50 laptops setup for the cafe style learning event the first years are taking part in over in the octagon. In the days of BYOD im not sure how many of the 50 we provided were actually used

And over in MOOC / futurelearn world sign ups are now over 6000

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