Thoughts from TELFEST.

Ill leave the long review to the blog team on here
And the program is here,  if there is anything you would like particular feedback on give me a shout and ill try.
I couldn’t attend everything I wanted as some workshops clashed with when I  was presenting about pebblepad and on the panel for discussing how we reuse MOOC content. Id much rather have been at “pedagogy of 360 degree video” but never mind its nice to be asked to present.
I was impressed with the adobe connect demo and now its been embedded in MOLE I can see it being used on our program for virtual classroom, office hours or online seminars.
Content creation on iPads seemed to be a recurring theme. I did a session on explain everything for creating learning material with staff from Politics and Dentistry. Im doing it again at the flipped learning worksop in engerrimng next week as a hads on session  .
dentistry use it in the classroom as a portable white board to take to the student groups and explain concepts by zooming into images (teeth in this case but I can see ways we might use it).
It must have been reasonably successful as 4 people went and bought copies of the app at the end of the session . guy from materials science called Nick was one
A first for me was adobe spark, once again a great way to create flipped content quickly
This seemed to be the year of padlet, to the point when it was getting used a bit too often
Another recurring them was lecture capture and recording. There was a representative from Manchester University where they have captured all lectures for 3 years now. Lots of talk about pros and cons
Creative media team were present all week and another theme was its all very well creating nice looking material but the students want good sound quality above all else.
I attended the VLE consultation workshop with ideas about features we how we would like in MOLE (blackboard) or its replacement .
A room 101 session. As I remember the suggestions included the university managed PC system, those audience response clickers that have become so popular at events, marking submissions on a computer screen when there is a turnitin app that lets you mark away from the desk (as you would with paper) and the “teacher traps” those being new bits of technology that you just cant seem to turn on (eg projectors that you cant reach)
TEL through students eyes which was basically saying the students want good looking MOLE course with a common feel to them and not too many clicks. Also that they have just about abandoned email
Lastly for this update a session on ways of evaluating practise and toolkit we might use.

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