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Teaching Strategy Event, App Swap & TEL meet

Busy week already  and I ended up spending little time at Architecture apart from two meetings to discuss their TEL strategy.

On Monday I attended the  Learning & Teaching Strategy Consultation, Developing a flexible approach event,. Great to have discussion with staff from different backgrounds and roles in the University. 2 recurring comments, we dont have time to develop new methods of using technology in our teaching and there is an aversion to risk taking that might impact on module feedback and NSS.

Tuesday was faculty Tec net and report back on TEL developments and try to work out what is going on with all the reshuffles .

Tuesday afternoon saw us set  up the dummy assessment points for Law 135 and we still had plenty of students who misunderstood the submission guidance

Well attended app swap breakfast on Wednesday morning, found plenty of new ideas and this was followed by TEL meet in the IC with presentations about the future of Echo 360  lecture capture and the new media hosting solution.

Talked about our iPad management system, 30 apps in 30 days and the need to put on workshops for our staff in Jan  2016

Finally a drive to the empty house in Norfolk to make some HEA portfolio notes.


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EMA – first big module

Preparations are under way for moving to complete EMA for the substantive assessment on  2 of our core first year modules.

WE have used EMA on a number of modules  over the last few years but this is the first time we have done it on such a large cohort so it requires carefull of planning , not least to deal with some of the “idiosyncracies” of Turnitin & Grademark.

First task is to set up some dummy assessment points so we can check the students have understood the submission instructions to the letter as previous experience seems to indicate they don’t always read what they have been told to.



JISC follow up, Law for management & Storyline

Last week I attended the JISC EMA tool kit session in London (remotely by VC). Had a follow-up meeting with James Goldingay and colleagues from Law School Professional Services and Architecture. What is clear is that there is little down approach to EMA at the University. In some ways this flexibility helps but in other ways we need stronger guidance and recommendations.

Busy creating Smart views and groups for the compulsory Law MCQ tests in the  Management School course for  Engineers (900 plus students)

In other news I now have a licence for Articulate Storyline 2 but sadly no time to start using it yet.

MOOC week 4 and we have gone past 10,000 learners



Summer Catchup

It’s an odd time of the year for the educational technologist. There is an awful amount of preparation and build up for the new semester, to do, but the reality is that many staff are away making tasks difficult then suddenly September is upon us and its all hands to the pumps.

The White Rose Learning Technology group met up in Leeds and our main discussions were around professional accreditation. My CMALT portfolio is still ongoing and to add to the pressure I’ve started my portfolio for fellowship of the HEA.

I managed to get 2 very cheap licences for Respondus and ran a session with the LPC staff to show hem how they could use responds to modify and create new MCQs in Blackboard. We also covered some area of the Blackboard gradebook which I blogged about here.

As I write this work on building the MOOC is still in full swing and we have just short of 4000 learners enrolled.





Week 1 – Teach on-line – EMA project and another turnitin bug

Our first official week on the TOL course .

We’ve all created our own version of the Gilly Salmon 5 step model

Made and embedded an intro video, set up a G+ community

commented on 4 distance learning scenarios and attended a webinar on learner analytics and how to plan a new DL courses.

I’ve also met with the project manager for our faculty EMA project. I think he was a little taken back when i aid we still took in over 1500 printed assignments

In other news I have a lovely new Surface Pro 3 to try out, we have ordered our first batch of iPads for academic staff and have found a bug in bulk paper downloads from turnitin grademark which omits to include the students name.

Next week its the big office move and cloud storage for collaborative learning.




White Rose meeting York St John

It’s a lovely sunny day in York.  I’m at St John’s university attending the White Rose Learning Technologist event. This month subject is Electronic Management of Assessment so very relevant to current work at the Law School.

Post meeting thought…

We presented at at the University  Learning & Teaching Conference in January 2014. “E-assessment , are we there yet?”

As a result of shared experiences yesterday our next paper will be “E-assesmnet – should it be this difficult?”


write up from James Goldingay now on here