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PebblePad webinar

Today Ill be attending this pebblepad webinar

Webinar Details:

What: Creating an effective environment for personal tutoring and research supervision

Who: Ian Palmer and Ian Douglas from the University of Sheffield, and facilitated by PebblePad Consultant, Matthew Wheeler

Why: PhD students at Sheffield are required to undertake skills training to enhance their research and employability. This is provided under the heading of the Doctoral Development Programme and since this is a condition of the award of the degree, a portfolio must be presented. We use PebblePad as a tool for students to compile an e-portfolio of training and experiences. In addition PebblePad is used to record key events in the student’s progression allowing supervisors and other staff an easy way to provide feedback and oversee the students’ experiences. This presentation will describe how we have introduced PebblePad into a PGR scenario.

upcoming events

Next week I’m attending the White Rose Learning Technology event in York at St Johns. The main subject is electronic management of assessment (EMA)which just happens to be one of my main  projects at the moment.

On the 29th April Ill be in Salford for The Future of Mobile and Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher and Further Education Conference.

So what’s this for?

bit late to start blogging isn’t it?

Well I’ve done so much work for other people, setting up campaigns , getting them on wordpress, twisting their arms to use Twitter and generally being involved with social media I thought I would start my own pages.

Not least I have to keep up with some evidence for my CMALT portfolio so expect more work posts than other stuff.