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Summer Catchup

It’s an odd time of the year for the educational technologist. There is an awful amount of preparation and build up for the new semester, to do, but the reality is that many staff are away making tasks difficult then suddenly September is upon us and its all hands to the pumps.

The White Rose Learning Technology group met up in Leeds and our main discussions were around professional accreditation. My CMALT portfolio is still ongoing and to add to the pressure I’ve started my portfolio for fellowship of the HEA.

I managed to get 2 very cheap licences for Respondus and ran a session with the LPC staff to show hem how they could use responds to modify and create new MCQs in Blackboard. We also covered some area of the Blackboard gradebook which I blogged about here.

As I write this work on building the MOOC is still in full swing and we have just short of 4000 learners enrolled.





Week 1 – Teach on-line – EMA project and another turnitin bug

Our first official week on the TOL course .

We’ve all created our own version of the Gilly Salmon 5 step model

Made and embedded an intro video, set up a G+ community

commented on 4 distance learning scenarios and attended a webinar on learner analytics and how to plan a new DL courses.

I’ve also met with the project manager for our faculty EMA project. I think he was a little taken back when i aid we still took in over 1500 printed assignments

In other news I have a lovely new Surface Pro 3 to try out, we have ordered our first batch of iPads for academic staff and have found a bug in bulk paper downloads from turnitin grademark which omits to include the students name.

Next week its the big office move and cloud storage for collaborative learning.




Teach Online Course – first session – week 0

I attended the first session of the teach on-line course facilitated by Nav Hundal – Faculty Learning Technologist (MDH) and Ros Walker – Faculty Learning Technologist (FSS)

The course is running over  4 weeks in June and will be delivered via a combination of face to face and on-line teaching.

The aim of the programme is to discover new ways of using technology to engage students on-line. We have weekly sessions covering themes such as how to create engaging activities, facilitating students on-line and on-line collaboration. Using tools to create teaching resources such as screencast recording, social media, Google +, Google docs, Webinars, MOLE, Discussion boards and mobile apps.

In week 0 it was good to be reintroduced to the explain anything app. Looks like there is some interest in using this on our Legal Practice Course to create annotated presentations (the annul production of material for solicitors’ accounts.


TEL meets in the Sun – student reporting

very useful TEL meet this morning at CICS (moved into the garden to enjoy the sun).

We were looking at the type of student tracking information you can get from blackboard (MOLE) and other systems, and how we can make it easier for us to access and use.

These are all requests that have come to me

Can I tell if a student has looked at something on MOLE

If so can I tell when they last viewed it

Can I get a report of the students who aren’t logging in over a period of time

Can I easily email the students who aren’t logging in the find out why

How can I email the students who haven’t attempted my formative assessment and send them a reminder

I’ve accidentally released a grade in MOLE grade centre. Which students viewed it before it was hidden again

When should I enable “tracking” on a file I’ve put on MOLE

Ive asked the Law school to add to these ideas

We then looked at how we could pull out some of this data into something that might be more useful to a personal tutor in a simple report. Has the student complete the formative work, have they looked at any of the MCQs, if so how did they do. This information is in the system but quite hard to get to unless you know MOLE inside out.