EMA – Electronic Management of Assessment Project

Current  project work on EMA at the Law School


Since 2013 we have been using Turnitin grademark tool in a growing number of courses, for both substantive and formative work. We have now started marking and providing feedback using the iPad app. All out UG modules and most of our PG modules already use Turnitin as a submission tool so in theory the use of the grademark tool should just be the next step.

At this stage there is a substantial admin workload with setting up anonymous assignments to be marked using the iPad app (ie one assignment box is needed for each grader) but the staff marking the work have generally found the app easy to use.

We have moved our paper feedback grids into the iPad / grademark rubric tool though this is still at a pilot stage. The next stage is to roll this out to a much larger module (300 plus)

We are accepting the limitations of the grademark system , whilst we wait for the updated version from turnitin (delegated marking, multiple markers, proper handling of anonymous marking)

I hope this will be available to us by semester 1 next academic year, ie September 2015.

We have started using the turnitin peermark peer review system on a number of our LPC modules. This proved successful is being  repeated during semester 2 of 2015 the exercise this semester.

this work was presented at the TESS conference with colleagues from LPC

Blackboard Grading Tool – New

I’m been working with the TEL team at CICS to use the new delegated marking system provided in the last BB update.

The delegated marking and the anonymous marking now works very well and is better than the current offering from turnitin/grademark.

We can only really do this in courses that are not so concerned about plagiarism, and so are using it with our Legal Practice Course, and also on 1 substantive piece of work in our general undergrad modules (law with French)

I have reproduced our paper feedback grids using the BB rubric tool.

I am also trying the BB grader app on the iPad. I think we may be he only department to have tried it so far. Early indications are that it is still some way behind the grademark app, it doesn’t yet offer an offline mode and it doesn’t yet integrate with Blackboard’s own delegated marking system.

It looks like they’ve released it too early to keep up with Turnitn.

This work using the Blackboard system is an ongoing pilot will be reporting back via Danny Monaghan / James Goldingay in the TEL team at CICS at the end of semester 2 – 2015

Law School Working Group – EMA

I have set up at Law School working group with around 15 staff from various backgrounds, Professional Services / Criminology / Law. We we also have a representative from CICS and the management school on it. We have so far met set up various dummy assignment in MOLE using different systems to compare them.

HEA conference Derby 2014

Attended the HEA conference on electronic assessment in Derby in 2014

White Rose Group – meeting to discuss challenges in EMA with JISC –  April 2015 York St Johns University.

The White Rose Learning Technologists’ Forum took place at York St John on Tuesday 21st April. Lisa Gray from JISC worked with us for the afternoon. Lisa is the JISC programme manager running their EMA and feedback projects. The workshop will helped us work through the issues encountered when implementing EMA approaches at our Institutions irrespective of any specific VLE or grading systems used.


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