Responding to Crime MOOC on the Furturelearn Platform

Responding to Crime MOOC

Project РSeptember 2014 due for delivery in September 2015.

Sheffield has an established presence on the Futurlearn platform

During 2014 I worked on the cross departmental MOOC – Exploring Play which is due to run for a second time in summer 2015.

Im now working closely with the criminology staff in the Law School and the MOOC team from the University to build our first Law school MOOC.

  • Week 1: Criminalisation, Crime Control and Criminal Justice
  • Week 2: Policing
  • Week 3: Victim Support
  • Week 4: Restorative Justice
  • Week 5: Prison and Places of Confinement
  • Week 6: Community Sanctions and Measures
  • Week 7 : Desistance from Crime

We are holing regular meetings with the educators for each week to plan how their initial ideas will be translated into articles / videos / discussions  / MCQ assessments provided   on the platform.

filming due to start in May.

Quality control – August






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